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Kiteboarding lessons for beginners - discovery level
3 hours session with one or two students per instructor. Lesson plan: wind window and wind directions, kite parts and setup, safety systems, piloting theory and exercises, self rescue procedures, body dragging theory and exercises,one hand piloting, power stroke and water start exercises, board introduction.

$250 one on one lesson, $350 one instructor two students
Kiteboarding Lessons + Practice Sessions + Riders Trips
We bring kiteboarding experience to the heart of Tropical Paradise. Are you ready for your extreme adventure? Join us for lessons with IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified instructors. If you are an independent rider (upwind - no problem) you can join us for riders trips and downwind sessions. Let's have fun on the water today!
Kiteboarding lessons for beginners - second lesson
3 hours session with one or two students per instructor. Lesson plan: body dragging upwind with and without the board, self rescue procedures reminder, water start first attempts, stopping and changing directions, riding upwind exercises, changing directions without stopping, self rescue with full packup procedure.

$250 one on one lesson, $350 one instructor two students
Practice Sessions
3 hours practice  session for our former students after 2 complete lessons.

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What should I bring for my lesson?
Water boots - simple, cheap, you can get them for $8 at CVS
Strapped sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
Wetsuit if you have one - you can rent one at our location.
Please watch the videos below before your lesson. Thank you!
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Riders Boat Charter
3 hours trip or downwind session for experienced independent riders. You have to be able to stay upwind without any problems. Maximum 6 riders.

$160 minimum charge per rider$480 minimum total charge